Kansas City International Airport offers electric vehicle charging stations inside Economy Lots B, C and at Park Air Express (spaces in PAE are temporarily closed for construction until November). In partnership with KCP&L's Clean Charge Network, travelers can plug in and fly out knowing they'll come back to a fully charged vehicle. Travelers will need to sign up for and receive a free KCP&L Clean Charge Network card ahead of time before charging up at KCI. Visit KCP&L's website to sign up and for more information. Economy Lot B's stations are located in the far northeast corner of the lot between Rows 12 and 13 and near Bus Shelter #B10 (train/rail center art). Economy Lot C's stations are in between Rows 2 and 3 and near Bus Shelter #C4 (Thomas Hart Benton's paint palette art). The charging stations at Park Air Express can be found with the assistance of the on-site valet employees.