The designated cell phone waiting area is now inside the "G" lot near the Control Tower.

Open 24/7, this lot is an area where drivers may wait in their vehicles for arriving passengers while they deplane, pick up luggage and walk out to the curb. To enter the cell phone lot, follow the road signs as you near the terminals. Just before Terminal A, exit left into the Airport Police G Lot area. For visual reference, the control tower is adjacent to this area. When exiting the cell phone lot, navigate to the terminals or out of the airport by turning left onto International Circle. Then follow the signs to your desired terminal. 

Cell Phone Lot Usage Regulations:

  • Maximum wait time:  45 minutes
  • No unattended vehicles; Unattended vehicles will be towed at the owner's expense (City of Kansas City, MO, Ordinance Sec. 70-641)
  • No commercial vehicles
  • No public restrooms available in this lot