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The entire airport team is dedicated to providing a safe, healthy environment for travelers, employees and others using the facility.

• Aviation Department Custodial Maintenance employees are properly trained and equipped to work in all areas to clean and sanitize to mitigate COVID-19

• Employees wear facial coverings and gloves

• Crews frequently check and restock soap, hand sanitizer and paper towels, and have increased the number of times that restrooms are cleaned and sanitized on each shift

• Crews routinely disinfect public seating and high-touch areas

• Recorded announcements by the Health Department Director are run on PA system

• Videos and graphics are run on the electronic flight and baggage information displays

• Social distancing signage is deployed on walls and decals applied on floors in areas where people congregate, such as security checkpoints and baggage claim devices

• All airport parking lot and inter-terminal buses are sanitized throughout the day and are fogged/sanitized on a regular basis