U.S. Citizens and Canadian Visitors Arriving at Kansas City International Airport will be able to Expedite International Arrival

The Kansas City, Missouri Office of U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and the Kansas City Aviation Department announced Thursday the upcoming implementation of Mobile Passport Control (MPC) in Kansas City. 

U.S. citizens and Canadian visitors will now have the option of MPC processing. MPC expedites the entry to the United States from foreign countries by using a mobile application to submit users’ passport and travel information to CBP.

Effective December 19, users will be able to utilize the application upon their arrival to in the Kansas City International Airport (MCI) in the International Arrivals area of Terminal C. 

Travelers from all venues frequently state that Mobile Passport could well be the best-kept secret in air travel. The application is user friendly and is available for download from the smart phone app stores. Downloading and using the app is free, fast and easy; and it does not requires any pre approval. The whole process can be completed in just seconds.

Travelers who successfully use the app will no longer have to complete a paper form or use an APC kiosk.  As a result, travelers will experience shorter wait times, less congestion and faster processing. 

Once users download the application, they are prompted to create a profile via the app with their passport information. Upon landing in the United States, travelers will complete the “New Trip” section by selecting their arrival airport and airline, taking a self-photo, and answering a series of CBP inspection-related questions.  

Once the traveler submits their transaction through the app, the traveler will receive an electronic receipt with an Encrypted Quick Response (QR) code. Travelers then bring their passport and mobile device with their digital bar-coded receipt to a CBP officer to finalize their inspection for entry into the United States.  

The CBP officer is then able to focus on identity verification, admissibility and questioning to determine purpose and intent of travel.  

MPC is just one part of CBP’s resource optimization strategy, which is transforming the way CBP does business in land, air and sea environments. The program allows CBP officers to process travelers safely and efficiently while enhancing security and reducing operational costs.  

CBP currently accepts MPC in 30 locations and it has over 7 million members. More information about MPC airport locations, eligible users, and other frequently asked questions is available at CBP.gov/MPC.

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