KCI Airport Expects Busy Holiday Season

With the holiday travel season upon us, the Kansas City Aviation Department is reminding travelers that Kansas City International Airport (KCI) offers the most convenient and affordable travel experience in the region. And the rebuilt www.flykci.com web site is available to make travel easier even before passengers reach the airport.

The Thanksgiving holiday period is traditionally the busiest of the year nationwide. The Air Transport Association predicts a four percent increase in passengers flying Friday, November 16 through Tuesday, November 27. During the busiest period, Wednesday through Sunday, the Aviation Department estimates an eight percent increase from 2006, or 217,000 passengers through KCI. There are more available flights and destinations this year at KCI, and fares are affordable. This is evidenced by year-to-date passenger counts being up almost nine percent.

The airport?s web site, www.flykci.com, offers real-time flight, parking and weather information, the ability to search for and book airline flights, driving directions, and interactive KCI maps. Users can even sign up for email or text message updates on flights. The site links to the Transportation security Administration?s site, www.tsa.gov, for the latest in security information.

Here are some general tips for traveling through KCI this entire holiday season:

? Check www.flykci.com for real-time flight and terminal information for your flight or anyone you may be meeting or seeing off. You must have a boarding pass and valid government photo ID to enter the security checkpoint.
? Allow plenty of time to get to the airport, park and check in. If you park in any of the 25,000 spaces ON-AIRPORT you will save a few minutes. If you are picking up or dropping off use the free 30 minutes of free garage parking. DO NOT park at the curb.
? Pack neatly and smart. Check TSA's Web site www.tsa.gov for a complete list of prohibited items.
? Before leaving home put 3-ounce liquids and gels in checked bags or bring them to the airport in a 1-quart resealable bag to send through security and place in carry-on afterwards. If you have any small items that are prohibited through the security checkpoint, use Checkpoint Mailers to mail it to yourself.
? Do not wrap gifts. Please wrap gifts after arriving at your destination.
? Dress the part. Metal in your clothing may set off the walk-through metal detector. Pack coins, keys, jewelry, belt buckles and other metal items in your carry-on bag. Remember that all shoes must be removed and screened by TSA. Passengers also need to remove blazers, suit coats and bulky sweaters in addition to outer garments.
? Relax and enjoy the holidays!

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