Hurricane Sandy KCI Airport Update - Noon 10/29/12

Hurricane Sandy is expected to affect travel to and from much of the eastern United States over the next few days. At Kansas City International Airport there are flights cancelled to and from the region. On Monday, October 29 there are 22 departures and 15 arrivals canceled. On Sunday October 28 there were 5 departures and 1 arrival canceled. Flights on Tuesday, October 30 will be canceled later in the day.

The affected airlines are adjusting their flight change policies, with some providing refunds or waiving change fees. Passengers should contact their airline.
There are no crowds at KCI airline ticket counters because passengers have been notified by the airlines or have made learned on their own that they can rebook from home. It is situations like this that confirm that it is a good idea to provide all possible contact information to the airline when booking your flight.
Kansas City Aviation Department officials urge customers to use for real-time flight information and news.

KCI Airport cancellations for October 29

Delta Boston -1, New York LaGuardia - 4, New York JFK - 1
Frontier Washington, D.C. - 1
Southwest Baltimore - 3
United Washington, D.C. - 2, Newark - 2
US Airways Washington, D.C. - 5, Philadelphia - 3,

Delta Boston -1, New York JFK -1, New York LaGuardia - 4
Frontier Washington, D.C. - 1
Southwest Baltimore -1
United Newark 1, Washington, D.C. - 3
US Airways Philadelphia - 2, Washington, D.C. - 1

Hurricane Sandy airline policies

Air Canada








US Airways

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