CNN Airport Network and Sports Event Broadcasts

In 2002, the Kansas City Aviation Department entered into a contract with CNN Airport Network to provide, at no cost to the department, news programming to travelers inside secure airline hold rooms at Kansas City International Airport. This agreement did not include broadcasts in any concession areas, including shops and eateries. Those operations have their own arrangements. Food and beverage concessions pay a premium for each unit based upon their capacity to air sports events in a public venue.

The Aviation Department wants to ensure that there is a family-compatible environment in KCI?s terminals. CNN Airport Network is the only live, satellite-delivered airport television service that provides up-to-the-minute news, information and entertainment to airline passengers. It is offered in 50 of the nation?s busiest airports, covering more than 2,000 gates and other public viewing areas. It broadcasts 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with round-the-clock technical and editorial staffing. Programming includes something for everyone: breaking news, business and financial reports, sports updates, weather, lifestyle and travel segments. Also featured are select live sporting events from the NFL, NBA, MLB post season and the NCAA March Madness tournament. CNN Airport Network works with the NFL each season to bring passengers as many as six NFL games per week during the NFL season. The network also broadcasts pre-season games and all of the post-season games, including the Super Bowl. All football games airing on CNN Airport Network are selected by the NFL for a national viewing audience.

Because it is broadcast in public waiting areas, CNN Airport Network will not air graphic video coverage of commercial air accidents or incidents, unless the incident involves a national emergency or threat to security. The network also screens out material that is either sexually explicit or portrays graphic violence. Network operations personnel maintain watch for inappropriate programming during live sporting events in the same manner as is done for news programming. In U.S. airports, there have been cases of fisticuffs or arguments over sporting events or what channel is tuned in. The Aviation Department feels that maintaining a family-compatible environment is imperative, and CNN Airport Network is a key partner in that effort. It is our aim to attempt to appeal to the majority of our customers, many of whom are not local or sports fans.

Technically speaking, the TV system at KCI is owned by the Aviation Department and not CNN Airport Network. The Department purchased 19 monitors, infrastructure and additional equipment to insert airport or local promotion and public service announcements (PSA) information. Time Warner Cable does not have coaxial cable run to the airport and there would be enormous cost to do so. Satellite service is also cost prohibitive and would be even more expensive to broadcast sports events. If the department opted to place ?rabbit-ear? antennae in each of the monitors prior to each Chiefs game, Aviation Department staff on overtime would have to pull off all the associated glass panels to install the antennae, make the channel changes and reset the ambient audio system. All rights and costs for public broadcast of any other network and sports events would be the responsibility of the Aviation Department. If the department did this for Chiefs games, the likelihood of having similar requests for other sporting events and programs would be high would be high.

The Aviation Department feels that the family-compatible CNN Airport Network is the best suited ongoing programming for KCI?s terminals.

CNN Airport Network Facts

The latest Nielsen study (2012) reported that:
* Air travelers spend an average of 84 minutes at the gate and the majority of that time is spent watching CNN Airport Network, for an average of 52 minutes per passenger.
* 90% of viewers feel that CNN Airport Network enhances the airport environment.
* 89% of viewers agree that CNN Airport Network helps them stay in touch with what is happening in the world.
* 82% of viewers say that having CNN Airport Network available makes the time spent at the airport more worthwhile.
* 82% of viewers say that they will seek out CNN Airport

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