Public Notice: KCAD files PFC amendments with FAA


Kansas City Aviation Department (the ?Department?) intends to file with the Federal Aviation Administration (the ?FAA?) one application to amend PFCs on one existing project and one application to impose and use PFCs on nine (9) new capital projects at the Airport.

The proposed charge for the new application is $4.50 per enplaned passenger, the proposed effective date is February 1, 2017, and the estimated charge expiration date is February 1, 2018.
For the existing PFC application, an additional $2,022,435 of PFC collection authority will be requested. For the new PFC application, an additional $30,251,060 of PFC collection authority will be requested. The Department is seeking public comments on the applications and on the following projects:

Project No. & Title: 5.8 Airfield Lighting Rehabilitation

Description: The amount of PFC funding is being increase by $2,022,435 because the cost of the project increased over the original estimate. The airfield lighting control system, several runway and taxiway circuits/lights and selected airfield guidance signs are to be replaced. An engineering evaluation of the airfield lighting system revealed that the amount of repairs required was greater than originally believed.
Justification: The replacement parts of the thirteen-year-old airfield lighting control system have become very expensive and may not be available in the near future. The Federal Aviation Administration has stated that several guidance signs and taxiway guidance lights need to be replaced to meet current standards.

PFC Revenue: $2,647,435 (increase of $2,022,435)

Project No. & Title: 6.01 Airfield Sand and Deicing Facility

Description: This project consists of the site preparation and construction of a new facility for the storage and handling of sand and deicing chemicals for use on the airfield pavements at the Kansas City International Airport.
Justification: The facility will replace a much smaller sand storage facility built before the second parallel runway was constructed.

PFC Revenue: $3,900,000

Project No. & Title: 6.02 Terminal Chilled Water Line and Cooling Tower Replacement

Description: This project consists of the investigation, rehabilitation and replacement of the chilled water lines used to distribute chilled water from the central chilling plant to each of the three Passenger Terminal Facilities. Also included will be needed repairs or replacement of the condenser water system including pipes, pumps and the cooling tower located in the central chilling plant.

Justification: These buried utility pipes and cooling tower were installed with the original construction of KCI in 1968 ? 1972. The pipes need to be replaced because of age and corrosion. The capacity of the cooling tower has also reached the end of its useful life and its capacity is not adequate to provide sufficient cooling for the expanded terminal buildings.

PFC Revenue: $3,335,000

Project No. & Title: 6.03 Snow Equipment/ARFF Vehicle Maintenance Facility Rehabilitation

Description: This project consists of the expansion and rehabilitation of the vehicle maintenance facility used to service and repair airfield snow removal equipment and ARFF vehicles. Three new service bays will be added. These bays will be extra wide in order to accommodate the size of the blowers, blades and brooms on the snow removal equipment used on the taxiways and runways at Kansas City International Airport. The balance of the existing facility will be renovated as needed to update restrooms, HVAC, plumbing and electrical systems.

Justification: These bays will be extra wide in order to accommodate the size of the new blowers, blades and brooms on the snow removal equipment purchased under proposed PFC Project 6.05 which was 75% funded through the AIP program.

PFC Revenue: $5,000,000

Project No. & Title: 6.04 Airfield Pavement Rehabilitation

Description: This project consists of improvements needed to rehabilitate Taxiways J and K, and Runway 1L/19R at Kansas City International Airport. Pavement joint seals will be replaced, cracks will be located and sealed, and pavement panels will be replaced.

Justification: These improvements are required to extend the life of the airfield pavements. We are seeking only the 25% matching share that the AIP grants do not cover. Runway 1L/19R is 10,801 feet in length and 150 feet in width. Runway 1L/19R has a Pavement Condition Index (PCI) rating of 87.21. The joints and cracks on the concrete and asphalt pavements need to be resealed to extend the useful life of the pavements. The pavement areas that are exhibiting multiple cracks and distresses with a high potential for producing FOD will be removed and replaced. The last overlay of this runway was in 1998.

Taxiway J has 204,650 sq. ft. of surface area and has a PCI rating of 65. Taxiway K has 1,040,183 sq. ft. of surface area and has a PCI rating of 68.20. Both Taxiway J and K need to be rehabilitated to insure their structural integrity and riding characteristics. These pavements have not been rehabilitated since they were originally constructed in the 1970s.

PFC Revenue: $3,275,000

Project No. & Title: 6.05 New Snow Removal Equipment

Description: This project consists of the purchasing of two Kenworth model T800 Runway De-icer Vehicles, two International model 5600I 22 ft. Plow Trucks, four Sweepster model S3120 Runway Front Mounted Sweepers and two Kodiak Northwest Runway Blowers.

Justification: After the Airport?s 2005 PAR139 inspection, the FAA concluded that enforcement action would be taken if upgrades to the fleet were not made. Therefore, the above mentioned equipment was purchased and partially funded (75%) through the FAA?s AIP program.

PFC Revenue: $770,500

Project No. & Title: 6.06 Common Use Airfield Waste Facility

Description: This project consists of the consolidation of waste handling facilities, consolidated airline trash collection, and a common ground support equipment (GSE) wash facility to be utilized by all tenants who have airfield access at KCI. The facility will also include the Airport?s new incinerator for the processing of waste from international arrivals.

Justification: Solid Waste/Trash/Recycled Materials
Prior to this facility, there were 10 compactors/dumpsters located on the AOA adjacent to the ends of each terminal. This created several problems all of which are serious concerns.

FOD ? the trash would, at times, fly out from the dumpsters and be spread throughout the AOA.

Safety ? The trash compactors would need to be taken off site by a licensed solid waste contractor. The new facility is built in an area in which the contractor enters the same security access point and traverses directly to the facility via an access road ? thereby eliminating this dangerous situation.

The Airport has also instituted a recycling program in concert with the contractor and the facility is used for such environmentally concerned purpose.

The facility receives liquid waste from aircraft lavatories by way of individual airlines, cargo carriers and the Fixed Based Operator by emptying their liquid waste GSE carts into the triturator that directly connects to the sanitary sewer system of the airport.

GSE Wash Facility
The facility also has the capability for GSE to be washed in a controlled and environmentally friendly condition.
PFC Revenue: $3,000,000

Project No. & Title: 6.07 Runway 1/19 Safety Area Extensions ? MKC

Description: The project will include the installation of an engineered material arresting system at both ends of Runway 1/19.

Justification: The main runway at the Charles B. Wheeler Downtown Airport is certified at a length of 7,000 feet. This project will provide the FAA mandated runway safety area at each end of RW 1/19 while maintaining this length.

PFC Revenue: $600,000

Project No. & Title: 6.08 Cargo Apron Rehabilitation

Description: This project consisted of the total pavement replacement of the cargo apron that adjoins taxiway A-6 at KCI.

Justification: A study was conducted that determined the apron had deteriorated to the point that reconstruction was necessary in order to continue operations on the 177,900 sq ft. apron.

PFC Revenue: $370,560

Project No. & Title: 6.09 Airfield Snow Removal Equipment Building

Description: This project consists of a new building for the storage of the Airfield Snow Removal Equipment fleet. The facility will house the 45 + pieces of equipment used for the removal of weather related contaminants ? ice, snow, slush from the three runways, taxiways, taxilanes and aprons at Kansas City International Airport.

Justification: A larger equipment storage building is required in order to provide a dedicated structure built specifically for the housing and operation of a snow removal fleet.

PFC Revenue: $10,000,000 (subject to FAA determination of PFC eligibility)

The Department welcomes the public?s comments and support for these projects, and will review all comments submitted in writing by no later than the earlier of 30 days after the posting or publication of this notice or December 6, 2008. Please address any questions or comments in writing to:

Eric B. Clevenger
Deputy Director
Kansas City International Airport
P.O. Box 20047
601 Brasilia Avenue
Kansas City, Missouri 64195-0047

Media Contact:

Joe McBride