Law enforcement exercise to be conducted at KCI Airport Oct. 15

The City of Kansas City, Missouri, Aviation Department, in cooperation with numerous agencies, will conduct a law enforcement exercise at Kansas City International Airport (KCI) on Wednesday, Oct. 15. The all-day exercise will take place inside and outside now-closed Terminal A. This exercise is being held to conduct inter-agency training on a variety of law-enforcement scenarios by multiple Law Enforcement Agencies and their Federal partners in the Kansas City metro area.

Participants include KCI Airport Police and Operations, Kansas City, Missouri, Police and Fire departments, Platte County Sheriff?s Department, Missouri Highway Patrol, Federal Bureau of Investigation and Transportation Security Administration.

Exercise planners will set up several scenarios to challenge the response, coordination and communication of the agencies. Key in the exercise will be an ?active shooter? scenario in the closed airport terminal. The exercise will have many real-life components including realistic-looking ?air soft? weapons and more than 80 actors portraying airport employees, travelers and criminals. While there will be gunshot-like noises, there will be no projectiles coming from the air soft weapons, and there will be no real weapons involved.

While Terminal A is closed for airline operations, members of the public in the KCI area at the time of the exercise should not be alarmed if they see law enforcement activity, including weapons displayed. The public should be advised that the activities are part of a continuous, cooperative effort to keep passengers, the public and airport staff safe.

Note to news media:
The window of opportunity to observe the exercise is 10 to 11 a.m. Wednesday. If you wish to cover this event, please park behind the Platte County Command Vehicle parked along the Terminal A roadway and come to Gate 8. Please have news media credentials, and if you have them, high-visibility vests so you will not appear as part of the exercise.

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