The City’s Aviation Department is asking residents to weigh in directly on the next step in the planning process for any potential upgrades at Kansas City International Airport. Feedback from residents will be gathered through a series of listening sessions hosted by business, neighborhood and community groups.

The listening sessions will be an open forum for residents to discuss their thoughts and concerns about the airport with Aviation Department leadership, and will include a short presentation to bring everyone up-to-date on previous planning efforts. Information gathered through community listening sessions will directly influence the terminal facility planning process and will be shared with City Council members.

For ease of logistics, the listening session should be added to the top of the agenda of regularly scheduled Kansas City, Missouri, neighborhood group or homeowners association meetings in a non-residential gathering place such as a clubhouse, meeting hall or community center. The number of attendees should be greater than 10. We ask that you or your organization or homeowners association handle all meeting logistics and notifications. We are able to use your group’s projector to display content on group-provided screens or walls, but are also able to bring a projector if need be. Aviation Department leadership is able to attend existing neighborhood meetings beginning mid-April 2017 and continuing through the summer of 2017.

Please fill out the form below and used the last field to provide neighborhood group name, meeting location, regular meeting dates and times, desired date and time, number of regular attendees, AV equipment available and any other pertinent details. A Department staff member will be in touch.