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Wednesday, February 20, 2013
Contact: Joe McBride

KCI Airport Announces Cancellations and Advises Advance Planning

The City of Kansas City, Mo., Aviation Department reports that some flights scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday at Kansas City International Airport have been cancelled due to the region’s incoming snow storm. The Department strongly advises travelers and those picking up/dropping off travelers to check their flight status before coming to the airport. Real-time flight status is available at, on each airlines’ own websites and by calling airlines’ phone numbers. There is potential for more cancelled or delayed flights as the storm continues. If a flight remains on schedule, travelers are urged to allow extra time on the roads to reach the airport safely. Updates on air travel will be made on, Twitter (@kciairport) and Facebook (search “Kansas City International Airport”).

At KCI as well as Wheeler Downtown Airport, it is the Kansas City Aviation Department’s responsibility to keep runways, taxiways, roadways and parking lots safe and free from excessive snow and ice. The effectiveness of the snow and ice control program is proven by the excellent records at both airports. There are times when the airports are open, but airlines choose not to use the airfields, usually as a matter of company policy or a judgment call on the part of the pilots. It is extremely rare that either of the airports is shut down due to an inability to clear operational areas. However, if safety were to be compromised, the Aviation Department would close the airport until conditions allowed for improved operation.

If flying through KCI Airport during winter, travelers should be aware of cold-weather amenities such as heated bus shelters in the Economy Parking lot, covered parking garages next to the terminals and free WiFi in the terminals. Should drivers encounter snow piles behind their vehicles in on-airport lots, Standard Parking "rovers" are on patrol to assist in digging out. Rovers can also be summoned via the phones in Economy Parking Lot Bus bus shelters. There is also a Phillips 66 gas station just outside the terminals which offers a variety of convenience products and services.

The Kansas City Airport System is an Enterprise Fund Department of the City of Kansas City, Mo., and is supported wholly by airport user charges. No general tax fund revenues are used for the administration, promotion, operation, or maintenance of the airports in the system. Visit for more information. Find us on Twitter and Facebook.

For more information, contact Joe McBride, Aviation Department, (816) 243-3164.

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