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Friday, April 03, 2009
Contact: Joe McBride

KCI Airport to Receive Federal Stimulus Dollars

The City of Kansas City, Mo., Aviation Department has received notification that the U.S. Department of Transportation will award Kansas City International Airport a $7 million grant funded under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act for rehabilitation of runways 1R/19L and 9/27, taxiways and aprons.

As is required to be eligible for stimulus grant funding, planning was already under way for the project, entitled Airfield Pavement Repairs Phase II, and the “ready-to-go” project was submitted to the Federal Aviation Administration for consideration. The work will entail partial concrete slab removal and replacement, joint seal replacement, pavement marking and replacement, and tire rubber removal.

“The City of Kansas City, Mo., is committed to continuously improving the safety and integrity of the airfield at Kansas City International Airport,” City Manager Wayne A. Cauthen said. “This is one of the first stimulus grant awards to Kansas City and we look forward to continuing to work with the federal government on projects that will improve our city and put Kansas Citians to work.”

Stimulus funds for airports flow through the Federal Aviation Administration and are administered similarly to other FAA Airport Improvement Project Grant Projects. Stimulus projects are 100 percent funded and there is no local match. Most FAA grants are funded to 75 percent with the airport operator funding 25 percent. Stimulus grant projects are subject to stringent ongoing reporting.

In a related development, work is now under way on Airfield Pavement Repairs Phase I at KCI. It is funded by FAA grants and the Aviation Department, not stimulus funds. On March 30, repair work began on Taxiway B and will include partial slab removal and replacement, joint seal replacement, pavement marking and replacement, tire rubber removal and lighting rehabilitation. Beginning April 20, contractors will perform the same repairs on Runway 1 Left/19 Right and Taxiway A and its connectors, adding some full-depth repair of runway sections. The runway, with portions original to KCI prior to its opening in 1972, was last rehabbed in 1996. The work will require that the runway be closed for 75 calendar days, but there will be minimal impact on air carriers and their passengers. The $5.5-million project is estimated to be complete in July.
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